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Unlocking the power of PR: The benefits of working with a freelancer

PR is a changing landscape. It can feel daunting engaging a PR agency especially when minimum retainers are around £5K per month.

So, many people look to consider freelancers who offer PR consultancy. This can be on a project or retained basis, spanning B2B and B2C PR to increase awareness through earned media (print, broadcast and online media coverage).

There are many benefits to working with a freelancer and often the need is driven by budget constraints, as freelancers typically have lower fees than a small agency.

Firstly, freelancers have less overheads. This means they don't pass additional costs - such as IT infrastructure, offices and company costs - onto the fee.

That doesn't mean freelancers don't invest in themselves or their tools. Last year I completed media law and ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance) comms training as well as the usual day-to-day tools that help me build connections and work creatively.

Experienced and agile

Secondly, freelancers have diverse experience and can make excellent consultants. I've spent the last ten years working across large, mid and small size PR agencies and direct clients that span global consumer brands through to local charities.

This leaves me in a unique position where I can advise based on experience generated from a constantly changing media landscape, calling on a significant bank of contacts who know me by name, based on the diversity of stories I've shared with them.

Dynamic consultancy (and delivery)

Freelancers are not one-trick-ponies. I hope that businesses are starting to realise that working with freelancers on a retained basis can be a much-needed extension of team with dynamic and consultative impact that improves awareness long term.

A PR consultant also takes on a leadership role that helps meet the needs of business objectives while being a critical friend who works in a focussed way to advise while delivering quality results.

If you'd like to discuss working with me as a freelancer please get in touch or why not take a look at my work?

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